Paxton turns 3


Still loves cars

Loves to watch himself on daddy’s phone

Eats snacks all day

Prefers to play with his brother

Loves bedtime stories and cuddles

Has no desire to potty train

Can’t wait to learn jiu jitsu


Cars cake….of course!  Thank you, Pinterest!









Baylee and Mila were great helpers!







Summer in Pictures


Simon ran his first race this summer.  I was worried about losing him, so I tried to stay close to keep an eye on him.  Well, he took off at the beginning and I didn’t see him until the finish line.  And let me tell you…I RAN.  I think I did a 6 minute mile, which I am NOT used to!  I was very impressed with how fast he went!  His favorite part was all of the free food at the end. :)




I love the zoo.  It’s small, but perfect for young kids.  We did a few zoo trips this summer with friends and this is one of our favorite exhibits…the cute prairie dogs.


I’m glad I snapped this picture of a rare encounter with the lion.  Usually he hangs out in the back of the exhibit, but on this day he was right up close to the window.  He could of cared less about Paxton getting up in his face….I guess he wasn’t hungry.  :)





I bought us a huge tent, thinking that it would get us out more and maybe inspire us to go camping.  It didn’t.  It did get used once, though!



First movie at a movie theater!  The local theater has $1 movies in the mornings during the summer.  I thought I’d take advantage of that and take Paxton to see if he could sit through an entire movie.  He did great!  We watched The Lego Movie, which ended up being really good!


Free bowling for the kids was a great way to spend the day when temperatures got up into the 90’s.



No summer is complete without a picture at the pool!



This kid loooooves all things fruit.  He eats wayyyy too much of it and then it’s a total mess coming out, if you know what I mean.  So…I have to limit his consumption.  On this particular day, he kept coming in to the kitchen as I was making dinner and saying (with this cute little face), “MORE gooberry??” (blueberry)

How could I say no?

I regretted not saying no later….


Fun day at the Discovery Center.  Little man, little grocery cart, little store….adorable.


Simon actually got out quite a bit this summer and played in the hose.  Our back yard is so nice now that all the trees are getting big.


Well, it’s the end of the season and time to have fresh tomatoes from the garden.  Pax can’t get enough of them and loves to help me out by going out and picking them.  He usually comes back with 3 tomatoes and the rest get eaten.  “A” for effort though, ya?

On to Fall!!!


Update Post

My baby started 3rd grade last week.  Yep…3rd grade!



Notice those two front teeth missing??  He loves his 3rd grade teacher!  She’s really in to technology.  Need I say more?

Here’s Pax hamming it up for the camera…


For the first day of school, I made the traditional monkey bread breakfast for the boys.


On to another school year!!